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MHF Series

High Flux Cores used.
Capable of handling very high DC bias current with minimal inductance roll off.
Bobbin Through hole mount with pre-tinned leads that can be directly soldered to PCB
Normally our customer specify the specs ( size, inductance, current)
and we built to meet the specs.
Inductance range from: 10 uH to 100 uH
Current range to 1.7 Amps to 15 Amps

Also available in MPP, Sendust/KoolMu cores. See below
Custom designs available

MHF Series High Flux Toroidal Power Inductors.
Through Hole Bobbin Mounted Construction

  • Designed using high saturation and high temperature stability "High Flux Cores" with distributed air-gap
  • Excellent electromagnetic shielding due to toroidal design
  • Designed for commercial, industrial and military application
  • Mounted on a base with pre-tinned leads for PCB through hole mounting
  • Inductance values from 10 uH to 100 uH
  • Current rating from 1.7 Amps to 50 Amps
  • Temperature Rating: -55 deg C to +125 Deg C
  • Potted version available for military application
  • Custom designs are available to meet your specific requirements


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Generic Outline drawing and Schematic
Click individual part numbers in the shopping cart below to download detailed Engineering Drawing in .PDF
Dimensions of "A x B x C" and "D x E x F" are referenced in the shopping cart below

1) No tooling or set up fees required for standard parts
2) Minimum order : $25.00. FREE Samples available for large OEMs
3) Typical Delivery: 1 to 2 weeks


Outline Drawing and Schematic

Part Numbering


MHF127 : Hi Flux Size
100M : 10 uH
8A : 8 Amps rating

) The prices shown below are for low volume quantity. Please call 800-377-3244 or
email for larger volume OEM pricing.
) Our large OEM pricing is extremely competitive. We will meet or beat any competitors prices with better deliveries
) Custom designs are available to meet any of your requirements. Please contact us
) The data shown below can be sorted by clicking each column header.Click once again to sort in reverse order.
6) "Inductance at 1 Khz" ( 2nd column from left in table below ) is the inductance measured at zero or very low DC bias current.
7) "Current Rating" ( 3rd column from left in table below ) is based on a 40 deg C temperature rise at an ambient temperature of 90 deg C. This is the DC bias current through the inductor that will cause the inductor will reach a max. temp. rise of 40 deg C. above ambient with NO AIR FLOW.
8) "Incremental Current for 20% inductance drop" ( 4th column from left in table below ) is the DC bias current that will cause the inductance to drop by 20% from the value shown in Inductance at 1 Khz. At this current, the temperature rise may be above the 40 deg C stated above, so forced air flow may be required.
9) The saturation current is at least 5 times the max current listed in 5) or 6) above, so instantaneous high current spikes can be tolerated by these inductors.

  Part Number Inductance Current
for 20 percent
L chan
Frequency Dimension A B C inches Dimension Gowanda CrossRef Quantity
on hand
MHF270-290M-12.8A 29.00 uH 12.8 amps 18.20 amps 0.013 ohms 8.0 MHz 1.450 / 0.825 / 1.400 0.600 / 0.051   0 $5.00
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MHF127-250M-5.5A 25.00 uH 5.5 amps 4.70 amps 0.020 ohms 10.0 MHz 0.750 / 0.400 / 0.775 0.250 / 0.036 050AT2502VC 0 $5.00
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MHF127-100M-8A 10.00 uH 8.0 amps 8.80 amps 0.010 ohms 35.0 MHz 0.750 / 0.400 / 0.775 0.250 / 0.036 050AT1002VC 5 $5.00
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MHF229-100M-14.5A 10.00 uH 14.5 amps 21.00 amps 0.008 ohms 10.0 MHz 1.160 / 0.550 / 1.175 1.175 / 0.400 / 0.051 059AT1002VC 2 $5.00
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MHF203-030M-30A 3.00 uH 30.0 amps 29.10 amps 0.001 ohms 40.0 MHz       0 $5.00
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