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LT Spice Models for E-Series

Please download the LT SPICE Model from the table at the bottom of the page . Click zip file to save on Desktop/specific folder.

LT Spice Library models

Design engineers and product development highly depend on the schematic design and simulation tools before finalizing the suitable high frequency coils for the product design.

CWS provides LT Spice simulation models for the designer in mind to make it easy for selecting the right component for the circuit design.

LT Spice how it works

LT Spice Schematic and simulation platform is provided by Analog devices ( for easy of circuit modelling. This platform has become industry standard for many other simulation software and tools. This platform saves time, cost and efforts in making trials on real circuits.

Many of the design engineers, educational institutions uses LT Spice for circuit designing and simulating the circuits by importing the library components from various manufacturers.

Various components manufacturer like Inductors, transformer, coils, capacitors, resistors and other active and passives devices manufacturers have made Library of components which users can download and link with in their LT Spice circuit design and simulation.

For more details on the LT Spice please visit

We suggest designers to download the latest version from the above link. Analog Devices Inc keep updating the software for better design and simulation tools.

How to use the LT Spice is provided in the above link from Analog Devices.

CWS Coils: LT Spice models

With design engineers, design professionals and education institution in mind CWS Coils has made LT Spice model library of the various inductors.

Designers can download the library in their computer system and link with library to the Lt Spice software for the Schematic design modeling and simulation.


Enclosed here is the DEMO circuit using LT Spice showing how the CWS Coil inductor LT Spice model is used.

Sample Schematics including a CWS component model also enclosed.

How to Link the LT Spice model Library

Example instruction for the linking the LT Spice model library of Helical Power Inductor.


Coil Winding Specialist Inc

CWS Coils - Coil manufacturer


LTspice Library for CWS Coils Power Inductors.

Version 2.0.

Assembled on (Sep 2018)

By Coil Winding Specialist Inc

This LTspice library contains all models for CWS Coils Power Inductors, Part Numbers:



















Please keep in mind that real components can vary in the range given in the data sheets.

The values are based on the data provided in the datasheet.


Installation of COILWS Model Library


The zipped model library folder of the COILWS Power Inductors for LTspice comprises the following 2 folders:

- CWS_Power Inductor_LTC_Library , This folder contains the ASCII data file (CWS_Power Inductors.lib) that represents the actual library

- CWS_Power Inductor , This is the symbol data file that contains the graphics information required by the graphic user interface



LTspice XVII


1) Please make sure that LTspice software is not running.

2) Copy the (CWS_Power Inductor_LTC_Library) folder to C:/

3) Go to the (sym) folder. You will find it in the installed (LTspiceXVII) folder in the (Documents) folder. The path should be like this:

C:Users"USER NAME"DocumentsLTspiceXVIIlibsym

and copy the (CWS_Power Inductor) folder.

4) On the next start of LTspiceXVII, open a New Schematic, Click on the Component library (or press on F2), you will find the [CWS_Power Inductor] folder appears in the LT Spice Component library.

5) Double Click on [ CWS_Power Inductor] folder and choose your Part number.


- The LT Spice models given in this file/folder are the property of Coil Winding Specialist Inc. WWW.COILWS.COM.

- LT SPICE MODEL is an effective tool for testing product performance by simulation; however, it does not simulate product performance in all test environments and is not intended to be a replacement for testing of the actual device by means of a test board or otherwise.

- Please refer the data sheet for all electrical parameters.

- Simulation results are for reference purposes only; CUSTOMER shall perform thorough testing using the actual device.

- The LT Spice models will be updated as needed, as new products added - always download the latest version from website.

- The LT Spice software also will be updated without notice - refer the software developer website for latest versions.


Disclaimer: Coil Winding Specialist, Inc., its affiliates, agents, and employees acting on behalf of Coil Winding Specialist, Inc. (collectively, CWS) disclaim any and all liability for any errors, inaccuracies or incompleteness contained herein or in any other disclosure relating to any product. CWS reserves the right at any time and from time to time to make changes to design, technical specification, or construction of any product listed on this website without notice. CWS also reserves the right to discontinue or limit sale of any product or service available throughout this website on temporary or permanently basis without notice. CWS highly recommends customers not to use its products offered on this website for inappropriate use and applications. Products should be tested for its suitability by prospective customers in all possible applications and conditions. Customers using or selling CWS products for use in other than recommended applications do so entirely at their own risk and agree to fully indemnify CWS from any damages arising or resulting from such use or sale.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go

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